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The backend service for TW Wallet project.

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TWallet backend CI

TW Wallet backend

This project provide backend service for TW Wallet.


  • Java 1.8
  • PostgreSQL/H2
  • Gradle 5.2.1


1. start by gradlew
set environment in .env.local 
source ./loadenv.sh
./gradlew :tw-wallet-webapp:bootRun
2. debug by idea

install plugin "env file"

3. other useful cmd
  • ./gradlew clean : clean build folder
  • ./gradlew build -x integTest : build application
  • ./gradlew test : run unit test
  • ./gradlew integTest : run integration test
  • ./gradlew bootRun : run application
  • ./gradlew flywayMigrate: create table
  • ./gradlew flywayClean: delete table
  • ./gradlew generateWalletJooqSchemaSource: generate jooq

Use different environments in application config files

The default environment is test.

flyway usage:

  • ./gradlew -Penv=test flywayMigrate or ./gradlew flywayMigrate: create table in h2 database in your home dir is likes ~/tw_wallet.*
  • ./gradlew -Penv=local flywayMigrate: create table in postgre: create table in postgres

jooq usage:

  • ./gradlew generateWalletJooqSchemaSource: generate jooq source code for h2 database in build/genrated-sources/jooq/com/thoughtworks/wallet/gen
  • ./gradlew -Penv=local generateWalletJooqSchemaSource: generate jooq source code for postgres in build/genrated-sources/jooq/com/thoughtworks/wallet/gen, env can be local,dev,uat, etc.

Run code with PostgreSQL

  • Install PostgreSQL at your local environment
docker pull postgres:12.2
docker run --name postgres -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=tw-wallet-2020 -e POSTGRES_DB=tw_wallet -d postgres:12.2
./gradlew flywayMigrate

Conduct of commit

format: type: content eg: feat: add getUserInfo api type can be one of the following item:

  • feat: new feature
  • fix: fix the bug
  • doc: about documentation
  • style: just change the style
  • refactor: refactor the code with no behavior changed
  • chore: changes about utilization and tools, no business logic
  • revert: revert the previous commit
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The backend service for TW Wallet project.


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