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⚠️ Riven attributes, despite being in tracked folder should be translated manually, because their names isn't translated inside the DE api.
You can edit their "effect" names inside tracked folder.


  1. tracked - All these items are managed automatically and should stay in sync with DE api.
  2. untracked - These items require manual intervention to stay up to date
  3. missing - If item is missing from WFM, you can add it here.
  4. icons - If it is not possible to provide an icon by url, you can copy icon here, in binary format. (png/jpg)


  1. items - common items, mods, warframes, scenes, etc.
  2. rivens - riven related entities. (used in auctions)
  3. liches - lich related entities. (used in auctions)

How to contribute

By issuing Pull requests, "rebase" workflow.

Contribution Workflow

  1. If item is exist on the site find it inside tracked\untracked folder. If item is missing from the site, create a new file inside missing folder (%item_name%.json format).
  2. Apply desired changes to the file(s).
  3. Commit with short description of your changes.
  4. Send a pull request.
  5. I'll review these changes and if everything is ok, i'll accept your pull request.
  6. All changes will be merged into WFM database in a few days.

Contributing an Icon

From a remote source:
"icon": "https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/6/6d/Hind.png"

From the icon folder:
"icon": "icons/<icon_file>"

File structure

Common item fields

  1. _id - id of an item, do not modify it, and do not create it (in case of adding a new item)
  2. tags - not used right now in any way, but it still prefarable to add them.
  3. icon - local or remore path to the icon, check This section
  4. thumb - autogenerated
  5. icon_format - autogenerated
  6. sub_icon - sub icon of an item, represent part of the set, like handle/grip/..., could be path to local file or remote address.
  7. url_name - Will be generated automatically.
  8. tradable - This item is tradable. (true/false)
  9. game_ref.uniq_name - reference to the game uniq name.
  10. part_of_set - List of items in the set, url_name (["zakti_prime_blueprint","zakti_prime_barrel", ...])
  11. set_root - This item is set itself, like Some Prime Set, it's parrent of other parts.
  12. quantity_for_set - How many parts is in the set.
  13. en \ ru \ ko \ ... - lang specific subdocument.
    1. item_name - Name of an item.
    2. description - Item descriptrion.
    3. wiki_link - Link to the wiki.
    4. icon - lang specific icon.
    5. icon_format - autogenerated
    6. thumb - autogenerated
    7. drop - Drop locations.
      1. name - Name of the location.
      2. link - link to the resource (wiki or wfm).
  14. trading_tax - Tax

Mod exclusive fields

  1. rarity - Mod rarity.
  2. max_rank - Maximum possible Mod\Arcane rank.

Weapons and parts fields

  1. mastery_level - mastery requirenment.
  2. ducats - Costs in ducats.

Fish and relics

  1. subtypes - fish or relic subtype, like ["intact",exceptional","flawless","radiant"].


Not implemented yet, but planned for one of the next updates

  1. amber_stars - max amount of amber stars
  2. cyan_stars - max amount of cyan stars

Riven items


Riven attributes


Lich weapons


Lich quirks


Lich ephemeras


How to create Sets

If you want to add a set, just create a set of files, and put a flag "set_root" : true inside the set root file. (e.g. Some Prime Set.json)
Then link every part with eachother by defining part_of_set inside every file, in this way (Soma Prime as example):

"part_of_set": [

↑ array of url_name

For an example: check Soma Prime Set and its parts inside tracked/items/ folder

How to define Tags

For missing or untracked items only

There is no strict convention, but you can use this logic:

  1. Add item group, like Blueprint | Mod.
  2. Add item type, like Rifle | Warframe.
  3. Add additional definition, like Prime | Corrupted | Huras, Rare, etc.

For example Rare Rifle Mod should have [Mod, Rifle, Rare] tags.


WFM Database: item files


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