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Documentation site for the Eleventy static site generator.

Home Page:https://www.11ty.dev/

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11ty.dev 🕚⚡️🎈🐀

The website and documentation for the Eleventy static site generator.

Running Locally

npm install
npx @11ty/eleventy --serve

Browse to http://localhost:8080/ (8080 is the default but it’ll bump to a new port if that one is taken, so use whatever port shows up when you run the --serve command).

  • Refresh Avatars: npm run get-new-avatars
  • Refresh Supporters: npm run get-new-supporters

Third-party Integrations

  • IFTTT daily web hook to build the site once a day to update stats and counts in footer.
  • Zapier (Open Collective + Netlify integration) to run a new production build when a new contributor joins Open Collective. Warning: while avatar will show on the site, there is still a manual step to send the Netlify Identity invitation for the Eleventy Contributor Account.
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Documentation site for the Eleventy static site generator.


License:MIT License


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