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Should follow the spec for accepting @id attributes.

jasonkarns opened this issue · comments

The HTML 4.01 spec allows colons (:) and periods (.) as ID attributes. This is perfectly valid:
<div id="file.css"></div>

I'd love to see zencoding updated to allow the range of characters provided by the spec. For reference, jQuery supports periods in their sizzle selector engine be escaping them with backslashes.
$("#some\\.id") -> id="some.id"

The regex the sizzle engine uses for IDs is /#((?:[-\w]|[^\x00-\xa0]|\\.)+)/ (see source)

Of course, the HTML5 spec allows any character to be used, which would be an even bigger undertaking.

Thank you for pointing this out. I know I have been less than active on this project for a while now, but I wanted to let you (and everyone else who reads this) know that I am intending to start working on the next version within a few weeks. I am still working on all the details, but I am hoping to have a roadmap up in the wiki by the end of this month. This issue will definitely be included for the next version.

Awesome! I'd love to help out where I can.

I'm not too familiar with the advanced features of ZenCoding like the backreferences and ! replacements. However, I was thinking it might be possible to leverage portions of the sizzle selector engine for selector parsing. Biggest benefit, of course, would be 1 to 1 support with jQuery selectors.

I look forward to seeing the roadmap.

I thought that you'd like to know that the 2.0 Features list is up. Please feel free to review and edit at your convenience. Also, please suggest new features if you think of any.