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Pedestrian simulator powered by the social force model

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Pedestrian Simulator


ROS packages for a 2D pedestrian simulator based on social force model of Helbing et. al. The implementation is based on an extended version of Christian Gloor's libpedsim library which has been extended to include additional behaviors and activities. This packages is useful for robot navigation experiments with crowded scenes which are hard to acquire in practice.


  • Individual walking using social force model for very large crowds in real time
  • Group walking using the extended social force model
  • Social activities simulation
  • Sensors simulation (point clouds in robot frame for people and walls)
  • XML based scene design
  • Extensive visualization using Rviz
  • Option to connect with gazebo for physics reasoning


  • ROS with the visualization stack (currently tested on hydro, indigo, kinetic ). For melodic, see the branch melodic-dev
  • C++11 compiler


The default version is now melodic. For kinetic please check out the branch kinetic which still depends on Qt4.

cd [workspace]/src
git clone https://github.com/srl-freiburg/pedsim_ros.git  
cd pedsim_ros
git submodule update --init --recursive
cd ../..
catkin build -c  # or catkin_make

Sample usage

roslaunch pedsim_simulator simple_pedestrians.launch


The core libpedsim is licensed under LGPL. The ROS integration and extensions are licensed under BSD.


  • Billy Okal
  • Timm Linder


  • Dizan Vasquez
  • Sven Wehner
  • Omar Islas
  • Luigi Palmieri

The package is a work in progress mainly used in research prototyping. Pull requests and/or issues are highly encouraged.


These packages have been developed in part during the EU FP7 project SPENCER


Pedestrian simulator powered by the social force model


License:BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License


Language:C++ 90.0%Language:Python 6.2%Language:CMake 3.8%