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Open Robot Actuator Hardware

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TI Evaluation Boards BLMC µDriver Master Board Details Wiring


Quadruped 8dof v2 Quadruped 12dof Biped 6dof TriFingerEdu
2dof Leg v2 3dof Leg Biped Leg FingerEdu
Actuator Module Core Lower Legs Details 3d Printed Parts Details Machined Parts
Quadruped 12dof v1.1
Autonomy Upgrade
Details Electronics
Quadruped Robot 12dof
Dual Motor Testbed NYU Finger

Old Versions for Reference

Quadruped 8dof v1 2dof Leg v1 Leg Test Stand v1 Foot Contact Switch

Step-by-Step Instructions

Motor Preparation Motor Shaft Preparation Encoder Preparation Center Pulley Preparation
Output Pulley Preparation Shell Preparation Actuator Module Assembly Actuator Module Testing

More Details

Mechanical Tools and Consumables Electronic Components and Tools Conventions Known Issues
Robot Calibration

More Information

Open Dynamic Robot Initiative - Webpage
Open Dynamic Robot Initiative - YouTube Channel
Open Dynamic Robot Initiative - Forum
Open Dynamic Robot Initiative - Paper
Hardware Overview
Software Overview


Jonathan Fiene
Thomas Flayols
Felix Grimminger


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