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ROS package for Arduino servo sequence control

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ROS package for Arduino servo sequence control.


When we want to control multiple-joint robots, we always need speed control, position feedback, and group servo control. High-end servos such as Dynamixel has such functionalities and it comes with ROS package. However, for simple hobby servos driven by PWM, it is hard to do that. I found a firmware (http://www.lamja.com/?p=504) which allows the functionalities mentioned above by using only Arduino and PWM servos. This repository is a ROS action node wrapper for this firmware. And it enables high-level sequence control for servos.


  • Install the firmware file to your Arduino. And connect servos to your Arduino, connect your Arduino to the PC or Raspberry pi which will run the ROS node.
  • Run the scripts in the script folder:


The Arduino firmware comes from: http://www.lamja.com/?p=504


You are free to use it for any purpose at your own risk.


ROS package for Arduino servo sequence control


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