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sketch + style = paints !

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The AI can paint on a sketch accroding to a given specific color style.

The AI can also reconstruct the color of a finished illustration (unstable).



pip install tensorflow_gpu
pip install keras
pip install chainer
pip install cupy
pip install bottle
pip install h5py
pip install opencv-python

Launch Server

git clone https://github.com/lllyasviel/style2paints.git
(then download all pretrained models from 'release' page and then put them in 'style2paints/server')
cd style2paints/server
python server.py


Models are avaliable in 'release' page.

  1. base_generator.net all rights reserved 2017 style2paints
  2. paintschainer.net from paintschainer
  3. google_net.net from nico-opendata

Training Datasets

  1. The recommended training dataset of illustrations is the 400k images from nico-opendata

  2. The recommended training sketches is from sketchKeras


QQ Group ID: 184467946

Paper Reference

The paper is accecped by ACPR 2017.

    Author = {Lvmin Zhang and Yi Ji and Xin Lin},
    Title = {Style Transfer for Anime Sketches with Enhanced Residual U-net and Auxiliary Classifier GAN},
    Journal = {arXiv:1706.03319},
    Year = {2017}


All illustrations and sketches are from the internet and It is hard to mention all the painters.

If you find your painting in the page, you can reach us at 914847518@qq.com. We will convert our sinsere gratefulness.

If you do not like your painting being exhibited above, we will remove them at once.

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sketch + style = paints !

License:Apache License 2.0


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