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Torch installation in a self-contained folder

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Self-contained Torch installation

Please refer to the Torch installation guide for details on how to make a fresh install of Torch on Linux or MacOS.

If on windows with msvc, please refer to this guide for details on installation and usage.

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Globally installed dependencies can be installed via:

bash install-deps

Lua and Torch

The self-contained Lua and Torch installations are performed via:


By default Torch will install LuaJIT 2.1. If you want other options, you can use the command:

# If a different version was installed, used ./clean.sh to clean it
TORCH_LUA_VERSION=LUA51 ./install.sh
TORCH_LUA_VERSION=LUA52 ./install.sh


To update your already installed distro to the latest master branch of torch/distro simply run:



To remove all the temporary compilation files you can run:


To remove the installation run:

# Warning: this will remove your current installation
rm -rf ./install

You may also want to remove the torch-activate entry from your shell start-up script (~/.bashrc or ~/.profile).


You can test that all libraries are installed properly by running:


Tested on Ubuntu 14.04, CentOS/RHEL 6.3 and OSX


Torch installation in a self-contained folder

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