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backup for Trojan-Qt5 v1.4.0

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A cross-platform Socks5/Http/SS/SSR/Vmess/Trojan(go)/Snell GUI client

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  • Full PAC Control
  • Cross-platform
  • User Rule Support
  • Http Support
  • Subscription Support
  • Import Servers from many methods
  • Mutiple servers Support
  • Socks5/Http/SS/SSR/Vmess/Trojan(go)/Snell Support
  • ....and more


  • You can download from release page
  • Or using Homebrew: brew cask install trojan-qt5
  • Or using Scoop:
    scoop bucket add v2ray https://github.com/kidonng/scoop-v2ray
    scoop install trojan-qt5


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Chinese Wiki

Frequent Ask Question (FAQ)



Note: Trojan-Qt5 can ONLY be used for learning related technologies such as Qt/C++/Linux/CI/automation and use within the scope permitted by law. Any individual or group MAY NOT use Trojan-Qt5 for any violation of relevant laws and regulations.

Any attempt to download of any branch or distribution of Trojan-Qt5 constitutes your agreement that the author of the project will not be liable for any legal liability arising from your breach of the above guidelines.

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backup for Trojan-Qt5 v1.4.0

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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