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Public source code for the paper "Analyzing Monotonic Linear Interpolation in Neural Network Loss Landscapes"

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Analyzing Monotonic Linear Interpolation in Neural Network Loss Landscapes

This repository contains the code for running and visualizing the experiments in the paper Analyzing Monotonic Linear Interpolation in Neural Network Loss Landscapes.

The lib folder contains the core of this project, and includes two packages. First, mli for building the models and computing the metrics that we use in the paper. And second, mli_eval that contains useful evaluation utility functions.

Next, the scripts folder contains the actual scripts that we used to train and evaluate the models from our paper. These are included primarily for reproducibility (and are generally a little less organized than the main library).


We provide an environment.yml file that details the package dependencies of this project, and can be installed via conda env create -f environment.yml. The command installs a Python package called mli.

Note: The packages listed here depend on CUDA11, you may need to adjust for your hardware.

Short summary of necessary packages:

  • pytorch
  • sacred
  • tqdm
  • numpy
  • scipy

To test if the module was installed successfully, execuate all files listed in lib/tests.

Running Training Scripts

The training scripts utilize sacred for config management. An example syntax for passing config arguments is as follows:

python scripts/train_fcnet/train.py with epochs=10 hsizes=[1024,1024,1024,10] use_batchnorm=True

Supported tasks

  • Fully-connected autoencoders on MNIST/FashionMNIST
    • python scripts/train_ae_fc/train.py
  • Fully-connected network classification on MNIST/FashionMNIST
    • python scripts/train_fcnet/train.py
  • Convolutional network classification on CIFAR-10 & CIFAR-100
    • python scripts/train_cifar/train.py
  • LSTM and Transformer Language Modelling on WikiText
    • python scripts/train_lm/train.py

For each of these training scripts, we can generate an sbatch training script to execute a grid search. These are generated via the gen_job_array.py scripts in each task folder. An example command is as follows:

python scripts/train_fcnet/gen_job_array.py jobs.txt run_jobs_sbatch --parallel_jobs 4

Note that this generates a batch array for our particular SLURM environment. You will likely need to tweak these scripts for your own environment. Furthermore, the grid search configs are currently set manually within the gen_job_array.py scripts.

After executing the above script, use the following command to run a batch experiment:

sbatch run_jobs_sbatch

Running Evaluation Scripts

After executing the training script, it will create a folder named /runs. To generate a summary of the batch experiment, execute the evaluation script with the following command:

python scripts/train_fcnet/eval/eval_runs.py runs my/output/path

The name for the script is the same for each supported task. For additional summarization and visualization for each supported task, you can execute the scripts located in /eval and /visualization.


To cite this work, please use:

  title={Analyzing Monotonic Linear Interpolation in Neural Network Loss Landscapes},
  author={Lucas, James and Bae, Juhan and Zhang, Michael R and Fort, Stanislav and Zemel, Richard and Grosse, Roger},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.11044},


Please contact James Lucas for any questions on the code.


Public source code for the paper "Analyzing Monotonic Linear Interpolation in Neural Network Loss Landscapes"


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