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An extended commonmark compliant parser, with bridges to docutils/sphinx

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MyST is a rich and extensible flavor of Markdown meant for technical documentation and publishing.

MyST is a flavor of markdown that is designed for simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility. This repository serves as the reference implementation of MyST Markdown, as well as a collection of tools to support working with MyST in Python and Sphinx. It contains an extended CommonMark-compliant parser using markdown-it-py, as well as a Sphinx extension that allows you to write MyST Markdown in Sphinx.

See the MyST Parser documentation for more information.


To install the MyST parser, run the following in a Conda environment (recommended):

conda install -c conda-forge myst-parser


pip install myst-parser

Or for package development:

git clone https://github.com/executablebooks/MyST-Parser
cd MyST-Parser
git checkout master
pip install -e .[code_style,testing,rtd]

To use the MyST parser in Sphinx, simply add: extensions = ["myst_parser"] to your conf.py.


We welcome all contributions! See the Contributing Guide for more details.


An extended commonmark compliant parser, with bridges to docutils/sphinx


License:MIT License


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