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Logstash input for DUO Trust Monitor Events

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Logstash DUO Trustmonitor Plugin

Logstash input for DUO Trust Monitor.


cd /opt
git clone
cd logstash-input-cisco_amp
gem build logstash-input-cisco_amp.gemspec
cd /usr/share/logstash
./bin/logstash-plugin install /opt/logstash-input-duo_trustmonitor/logstash-input-duo_trustmonitor-1.0.0.gem


  • ikey = integration key.
  • skey = secret key.
  • host = DUO admin API fqdn.
  • interval = time in minutes to wait between polling the API for new Trust Monitor events.
input {
  logstash-input-duo_trustmonitor {
    ikey => "<Your Admin DUO Integration Key.>"
    skey => "<Your Admin DUO Secret Key.>"
    host => "<Your Admin DUO host.>"
    interval => 1
output {
    stdout { codec => rubydebug }


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Logstash input for DUO Trust Monitor Events

License:Apache License 2.0


Language:Ruby 100.0%