zadam / trilium-sender

Simple android application for sending images and notes to Trilium

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mayailkour opened this issue · comments

Are you OK with publishing Trilium Sender on F-Droid, @zadam?
F-Droid is an app store containing only open-source apps that are build from source.
If yes, could you please open an issue here?
The F-Droid crew will take care of the rest. 👌

FYI @Rudloff & @Poussinou


Hello, I don't plan to do this myself, but if someone else wants to do that, then it would be of course appreciated :)


It would help if releases were tagged – so future updates can be detected automatically, and we'd know exactly which commit to build. So which one should it be for this initial version?

One more questions: Maybe you would like to use fastlane or triple-t to maintain your app's metadata (summary, description) and screenshots. That way there could be screenshots on F-Droid, too.

Is this up?


@gerroon no, it's not up yet. We're still waiting for the tags.

@zadam any chance you'll provide them?