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Simple android application for sending images and notes to Trilium

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Add possibility to share text

zadam opened this issue · comments


The idea is that sharing text will open note activity with prefilled content from the shared text. User can then just press "send" and activity closes.

Hi zadam,

first off: thanks for your awesome work - I tried a lot of note apps and finally settled on Trilium.

This is something that I missed multiple times already - just sharing a link from e.g. reddit or feedly is something I do a lot. I currently add them to my todoist and move them over to Trilium when I'm using my PC. 😉

I just noticed that you seem to have allowed url-sharing already - would you mind releasing that to Google Play as well?


Hi, yes, I do plan to make a new release. It's not completely easy to do it though since I will need to catch up with the myriad of changes which google made in the past 3 years to the publishing process.