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The Star And Thank Author License(SATA License)

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The Star And Thank Author License (SATA License)

This is a novel new idea to make license social and fun.

The basic idea is, whenever using a project using SATA license, people should star/like/+1 that project and thank the author. Just imagine Google stared your project and send you a thank-you letter because they used your project in github!

How to use

Here is the template of the Star And Thank Author License sublicensed from MIT License. Just copy the template and modify the author and project url section.

You can also customize by sublicensing other licenses such as GPL.

I've written a blog post about Star And Thank Author License.


一篇中文介绍(by kongtianyi):



Notice that this SATA-License project is also using SATA license (self-referencing, recursive, cool?), which means to use SATA license, you have to star this project.

List of Projects using SATA License

Please add your project here so we can watch the community grow.


The Star And Thank Author License(SATA License)