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stanford cs231n 2016 assignment

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CS231n : Deep Learning Lecture for Computer Vision

Stanford CS231n 2016 Assignment


Q1: k-Nearest Neighbor classifier (Completed)

Q2: Training a Support Vector Machine (Completed)

Q3: Implement a Softmax classifier (Completed)

Q4: Two-Layer Neural Network (Completed)

Q5: Higher Level Representations: Image Features (Completed)


Q1: Fully-connected Neural Network (Completed)

Q2: Batch Normalization (Completed)

Q3: Dropout (Completed)

Q4: ConvNet on CIFAR-10 (A Little Bit Left)


Q1: Image Captioning with Vanilla RNNs (Completed)

Q2: Image Captioning with LSTMs (Completed)

Q3: Image Gradients: Saliency maps and Fooling Images (Not Yet)

Q4: Image Generation: Classes, Inversion, DeepDream (Not Yet)


stanford cs231n 2016 assignment


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