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Geojson map highlighting kobuki/turtlebot 2 distributors.

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Kobuki Distributors

A place to collect location information about Kobuki (& TurtleBot 2) distributors. The information here is shown on the distributor map on the Kobuki website.

Required Information

If it's a new distributor,

  • Name
  • Web URL
  • Latitude/Longitude (use google maps)

Other Updates

If it's a TurtleBot 2 distributor, be sure to mark them on the turtlebot map as well.

How to Update

I find it easiest just to make pull requests from direct edits.

For pretty editing -> use this link. The GitHub interaction seems rather awkward though.

Embedding the Map in a Web Page

Use this snippet:

<script src="https://embed.github.com/view/geojson/yujinrobot/kobuki_distributors/master/Distributors.geojson"></script>


Geojson map highlighting kobuki/turtlebot 2 distributors.

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