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An up-to-date listing of all the various Bluetooth Specification-related elements that are defined by our industry (Company IDs, Service UUIDs, Characteristic UUIDs and Descriptor UUIDs), that you can use instead of rolling your own.

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Bluetooth Numbers Database


Welcome to the Bluetooth Numbers Database, an online repository containing metadata and definitions for a subset of Bluetooth Assigned Numbers. The goal of this project is to provide a shared open platform to access from a variety of platforms, such as web and mobile, with the intention of covering both GATT and industry specifications.

Bluetooth Numbers Database is maintained by Nordic Semiconductor ASA.


During the development of various Bluetooth tools at Nordic, many of the assigned numbers from the Bluetooth specifications have been taken into use in different areas, which has lead to duplication of effort between the different tools. Hence it has been seen as beneficial to unify the work efforts by using a single, cohesive project representing a Single Source of Truth.

In addition to looking up officially defined numbers, it is common to extend the SIG-defined numbers with proprietary definitions that do not overlap with the standard. Such extension is permitted, but unless there is a place to check against whether your proposed UUID is used by others, we run the risk of having multiple uses for the same identifier.

Bluetooth Numbers Database aims to solve this problem by providing a centralized database for querying UUIDs and Company identifiers. It is also open to anyone who would like to contribute.


The #1 question most Bluetooth developers will ask themselves when seeing this repo is a variation along the lines of Don't need another library - I can write this in 5 minutes. And whilst true, this does not cover the entire picture, because it's everyone writing the same piece of code 5 minutes, and then having to keep it up to date. That's the weight we're removing from you by using this community project. You don't need to worry about staying up to date regarding new Company IDs or GATT Attributes - just write code that pulls information from this repo every once in a while, and your apps will permanently be kept up to date. No need for reinventing the wheel.

Is This For Me? (Use Case Example)

If you're involved with any software wherein Bluetooth UUIDs (GATT Attributes) or Manufacturer IDs need to be shown to the user in readable form, such as displaying their associated names or descriptions, this project is just for you. Pull the information you need directly from our /v1/ endpoint folder, and you're good to go. Schema Definitions are just below, and you can be sure that the integrity of said files and schemas will be maintained through our automated tests.

Database Schemas

For the 'v1' release of the database, two types of data structures are used: UUIDs and Company Identifiers. Both of them defined as JSON Schemas.

UUID Definitions

UUID definitions specified in this project use the following data structure:

Field Type Description Required
uuid String Unique Number identifying the specific GATT Attribute. The number can be 16 or 128 bits UUID, and must comply with the format as defined in the Bluetooth Core specification. Examples: "2902" for Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor, "EF680100-9B35-4933-9B10-52FFA9740042" for Thingy Configuration Service. Yes
name String The GATT Attribute's name. Yes
identifier String Uniform Type Identifier, a reverse-dot notation String used to set the context of the attribute. Apply the following naming convention to the identifier: (reverse domain URL).(attribute type).(generic use case).(specific use case). Example: com.company.characteristic.example.configuration Yes
source String The source of the UUID's definition. For example: all GATT Services, Characteristics and Descriptors have a gss specification value. Accordingly, Nordic-defined Services, Characteristics and/or Descriptors are marked with a nordic source value. Yes

We have based the data structure above on the official listing of GATT Specifications as much as possible. You can check this listing of GATT Characteristics for reference. And as above, you can check our JSON Schema here.

Company Identifiers

Field Type Description Required
code Integer Decimal value representing a Company as defined in the official list of assigned Company Identifiers of the Bluetooth Specification. Yes
name String Name of the Company Yes

This structure is a mirror of the official Bluetooth Specification. It is added as a convenience so that each application does not need to download and transfrom the online listings at the Bluetooth official website. Note that registration of new Company Identifiers must go through official channels at Bluetooth SIG. The full JSON Schema for the Company ID Data Structure can be found here.

Rules and Contributions

  • The purpose of this project is to be an online shared directory of Bluetooth numbers, so all listings (Company IDs, Services, etc.) can and are meant to be extended by the community, as long as they're Bluetooth SIG-Compliant. (More on this below.)
  • Only new 128-bit Company IDs can be freely contributed, since all 16-bit identifiers are assigned by Bluetooth SIG itself. Exceptions will be handled on a case-to-case basis, but only under very special circumstances.
  • Many 16-bit UUIDs assigned to Bluetooth SIG Members are currently missing, because the official listing does not provide enough information. We are hoping the owners of said UUIDs could either provide us with the information we need (Description and Identifier), or submit a pull request themselves.
  • No duplicate 128-bit UUIDs or identifiers within each GATT Attribute Category (Services, Characteristics and Descriptors) are allowed. If a conflict exists, it'll be managed on a case-to-case basis.

Furthermore, please feel free to raise issues or pull requests with your own suggestions about how this project can or should improve. We at Nordic do not view Bluetooth Numbers Database as our property, but as a shared endeavour with the rest of the developer and Bluetooth communities.


An up-to-date listing of all the various Bluetooth Specification-related elements that are defined by our industry (Company IDs, Service UUIDs, Characteristic UUIDs and Descriptor UUIDs), that you can use instead of rolling your own.



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