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Arduino libraries


This repository contains several Arduino libraries I have written to be used in applications. Most of them include example code how the libraries can be used. Furthermore this repository contains a few stand alone applications.


For questions about the usage of the libraries, please post a question on the Arduino forum at http://forum.arduino.cc/

Bugs and issues

For bugs in the libraries, please fill in an issue in Github as that makes it far easier to track them. If possible provide a minimal code snippet that exposes the bug. Also proposals for solutions are welcome.

Issues are not bugs but still possible problematic. E.g. if a library is too slow for your application that is an issue, not a bug. Please fill in an issue and provide as much details about your requirements.

Improvements and changes

For improvements and changes, please provide a pull request. I will try to follow up on them asap but it can take quite some time. Please try to be generic in your improvements and try to see "over the needs of your own application".

License and Warranty

I appreciate if you give credits when appropriate, and if you want to donate, please donate to charity like "doctors without borders".

Please check the file LICENSE.md for the details.

Regards, Rob


libs and code

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