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A little beautifier tool for xcodebuild

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xcbeautify is a little beautifier tool for xcodebuild.

Similar to xcpretty, but written in Swift.


  • Human-friendly and colored output.
  • Supports the new build system's output.
  • Supports Xcode 10's parallel testing output.
  • Supports formatting Swift Package Manager output.
  • Supports macOS & Linux.
  • Written in Swift: xcbeautify compiles to a static binary which you can bring anywhere. This also means less Ruby-dependant in your development environment and CI.

Note: xcbeautify does not support generating JUnit or HTML test reports. In fact, you shouldn't rely on xcodebuild's output to generate test reports. We suggest using trainer or XCTestHTMLReport to generate test reports from xcodebuild's generated TestSummaries.plist files.

Fun fact

xcbeautify uses itself to format its CI build logs.



brew tap thii/xcbeautify https://github.com/thii/xcbeautify.git
brew install xcbeautify


mint install thii/xcbeautify

Build from source

git clone https://github.com/thii/xcbeautify.git
cd xcbeautify
make install


xcodebuild [flags] | xcbeautify

If you want xcbeautify to exit with the same status code as xcodebuild (e.g. on a CI):

set -o pipefail && xcodebuild [flags] | xcbeautify

Future work

  • Write more tests
  • Performance improvements


To release a new version, say x.y.z:

  1. Run make release version=x.y.z
  2. Upload the newly packaged xcbeautify-x.y.z-x86_64-apple-macosx10.10.zip file to GitHub.


Just send a PR! We don't bite ;)



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A little beautifier tool for xcodebuild

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