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Default language "swift" doesn't work on Linux due to case sensitivity

iainmerrick opened this issue · comments

Very minor bug, just filing it so I remember to make a PR after the holidays!

I'm using SwagGen on Linux, and it doesn't run out of the box because the default language is "swift" but the template is "Swift".

  • Workaround: run with --language Swift
  • Suggested fix: change the default language

Thanks for the report @iainmerrick. Looking forward to the PR :)

Finally started working on this. Just a couple of capitalization fixes needed, but there's some other weird problem on Linux -- discussing it on the Swift forums here: https://forums.swift.org/t/swift-run-behaving-oddly-on-linux/55046

Also happening locally on my Mac with Swift 5.5.2. I have no idea what's happening 🤷‍♂️

swift run swaggen generate ~/Developer/SwagGen/Specs/Petstore/spec.yml --destination ~/Developer/SwagGen/Specs/Petstore/generated/Swift

error: encountered an I/O error while reading /Users/yonas/Developer/SwagGen/Specs/Petstore/generated/Swift
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