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Distribute executable with cocoapods

felginep opened this issue · comments

It would be nice to distribute the swaggen executable via cocoapods like this is done for swiftlint for example

I second this. Are there any plans to do this @yonaskolb ? 🙏 Or am I missing something in the setup instructions?
I don't want to install via brew because I want to set the version I'm installing, and via SPM I don't get access to the binary AFAICT 🤔

So what I've done with other dependencies (e.g. SwiftLint, SwiftFormat) is just use CocoaPods to control the version we're installing (to make sure it's in git scm, that the version can be rollbacked, everyone is on the same version, etc), following good practices of https://ios-factor.com/dependencies

I really appreciate any input here 🙏

Moreover, I'm more than happy to open a PR with a podspec, but the key factor here is whether the maintainers of the project will update push the update to cocoapods on every new release 😁 unlike SPM, cocoapods is not a fully distributed system haha 🙈

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