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oneOf not working?

goors opened this issue · comments

I got, for example, geoRestriction that is oneOf GeoAreaSet but the generator is somehow doing this

public class SomeClass {
  public var geoRestriction: GeoRestriction?

instead of

public class SomeClass {
  public var geoRestriction: GeoAreaSet?

In swift lib, i got like 9.999+ errors. Everything is there but somehow messed up. I got like 772 models with wrong data.

Hi @goors. I can't help without part of an example spec

@yonaskolb I think I ran into an example just now and I'm having the same issue. From the Listen Notes API yaml: https://listen-api.listennotes.com/api/v2/openapi.yaml

After generating the code for this .yaml I'm missing the Results object which contains a oneOf OAS 3 type modifier:

          type: array
          description: A list of search results.
            - $ref: '#/components/schemas/EpisodeSearchResult'
            - $ref: '#/components/schemas/PodcastSearchResult'
            - $ref: '#/components/schemas/CuratedListSearchResult'

Nevermind. I took a look at your TestSpec and the yaml file I was trying to use doesn't specify a discriminator. I modified the ymal to add a discriminator and SwagGen works fine. Thanks!


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