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Node Skeleton

Project Setup

  1. Create your own empty repo on GitHub
  2. Clone this repository (do not fork)
  • Suggestion: When cloning, specify a different folder name that is relevant to your project
  1. Remove the git remote: git remote rm origin
  2. Add a remote for your origin: git remote add origin <your github repo URL>
  3. Push to the new origin: git push -u origin master
  4. Verify that the skeleton code now shows up in your repo on GitHub

Getting Started

  1. Create the .env by using .env.example as a reference: cp .env.example .env
  2. Update the .env file with your correct local information
  3. Install dependencies: npm i
  4. Fix to binaries for sass: npm rebuild node-sass
  5. Run migrations: npm run knex migrate:latest
  • Check the migrations folder to see what gets created in the DB
  1. Run the seed: npm run knex seed:run
  • Check the seeds file to see what gets seeded in the DB
  1. Run the server: npm run local
  2. Visit http://localhost:8080/


  • Node 5.10.x or above
  • NPM 3.8.x or above
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