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Make the edit modal view

ykdojo opened this issue · comments


Working on this now. I think we can use this: http://reactcommunity.org/react-modal/


I'm going to be working on this on this branch: https://github.com/ykdojo/editdojoprivate/tree/react-modal


TODO next:

  • Move Post class into a separate file?
  • The modal should appear when the "Edit" button is clicked.
  • When the modal is closed, the UI should scroll back to the original post.
  • *Design the modal (decide what it should look like)
  • When the modal overlay is clicked, the modal should close (it currently doesn't work.)
  • Make the modal functional
  • Fix the styles of the modal

Trying to prevent scrolling on the body right now. iOS might be kind of a pain.

This might work, though: https://medium.com/jsdownunder/locking-body-scroll-for-all-devices-22def9615177


I realized we should probably have a way to separate sentences for this.

So, I made a new issue for it: #48