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Decide what to use for iOS and Android apps (down the road)

ykdojo opened this issue · comments


Swift? Java or Cotlin? Or React Native? Or maybe another cross-platform environment?


Just read it. Also read this article by Discord: https://blog.discordapp.com/using-react-native-one-year-later-91fd5e949933

According to the article by Discord, the performance on Android might not be good enough. It was written in 2016, though, so it might be okay now.


I guess another option is to use Flutter: https://blog.geekyants.com/we-rebuilt-a-react-native-app-with-flutter-4160f0499a82

I guess a major downside is that it uses Dart and not JavaScript. It might be nicer to be able to share code between the web version and the mobile apps.


Let's tentatively say, we're going to use React Native for this project.

The main advantages are:

  1. If we use React for the web, it'll be relatively simple to learn React Native.
  2. We'll be able to reuse some of the JavaScript code from the web
  3. It seems like it's faster than hybrid options (PhoneGap, ionic, etc.)
  4. React Native is a fairly popular option at this point, so I think the community support / open-source ecosystem is good.