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Decide how to deploy this app - Heroku vs AWS?

ykdojo opened this issue · comments


I read these articles:

I also tried deploying this app on both Heroku and AWS. Heroku was definitely much easier than AWS.

It seems like the consensus is that Heroku is easier to get started with, but it's more expensive and it has less customization.

I guess there are other options, too. Digital Ocean seems pretty popular Django here: ykdojo/editdojo#27

I haven't worked with Digital Ocean yet, but the general consensus is that I think we should use Heroku.

If our goal is to push an MVP out as soon as possible and gain traction for YC - we should go with speed.

Cost wise the difference between Heroku and AWS should not be exorbitant until you reach scale.

If we get into YC - we should switch to AWS to reduce the burn rate if we get the investment.

Otherwise - While the migration from Heroku to AWS would be longer if we integrate more deeply with Heroku - we aren't limited by the time constraint as to the deadline for YC.

Anyhow, we should land on a decision as soon as possible!


Yeah I like that!

Let's go with Heroku for now, then. If/when it becomes too expensive, we can then switch to AWS or maybe potentially Digital Ocean or something else.