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Should we use Node.js for this project?!

ykdojo opened this issue · comments


Okay, so I'm happy with using Django so far (even though I haven't built much yet).

However, it seems like Node.js is much more popular these days for backend development.

I'm kind of starting to think, should we use Node.js and maybe Express.js for this project? I know that Node.js is much simpler, but would it be a good tech to use for this particular project?

(I probably won't switch, but I just wanted to throw this idea here just to start up a discussion about it - since this is something I've been wondering about for a few weeks.)

Node.js is popular. That would be the only reason to use that. It depends on you. What you find to be the best.

As far as I know, Instagram uses both Django and Node.js. So I don't see why not.


Yeah for now I'll keep going with Django for this project. Maybe I'll try Node.js for my next project for comparison.

Node and express could be used to build a REST api or GraphQL and expose safely users data.
That's what I noticed about how most of startups are using many languages and tools for making deploy.


Will go with Python/Django for now. Maybe I'll use Node/Express for my next project.