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How about accounts?

HallBregg opened this issue · comments

Maby we should start thinking about creating views and models for users accounts?


Maby I could do some mock-up of it?


@HallBregg What do you use to make mock-ups please?

@malek2610 Mock-up I meant just basic login and registration views, and models (maby html templates). I may start doing it and @ykdojo could decide how exactly he would like it to be. Of course we should decide what informations about user are obligatory.

@HallBregg I was just asking about the software you're going to use. Actually, I know about Balsamiq ; it's a commercial software. But I am not sure if it exists an equivalent or other softwares which are used.

Yeah, I understood. Maby I should use word "mock up" . All I meant was to make fully working login, and registration (accounts) views and models in Django. I am more backend developer. Dont know much about style and how should it look visually.

@HallBregg Oh I see, thanks for your reply.


Pencil is built for the purpose of providing a free and open-source GUI prototyping tool that people can easily install and use to create mockups in popular desktop platforms.

@HallBregg thanks so much. I'm wondering if it exists an online similar tool (open-source free will be great !)

Should there be a username or is email find?
There are pros and cons of Usernames so it is important to think about.

If you decide not to use Username, you would have to use Cumstom User model for Django users.


Okay I'll think about this when I work on #11.

Closing this issue for now.