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A web app to improve writing skills in any language.


The inspiration for this came from the lack of these kind of resources. You can find a ton of resources to master reading, listening or speaking a language. But when it comes to writing, there simply aren't much.

How it works

The app will function in these steps:

  1. A user A will sign up with 2 languages, one in which they are proficient(say, English) and the other which they want to learn(say, Japanese).
  2. Then they will write anything they need in, say, Japanese.
  3. A user B, who is proficient in Japanese, will then verify and propose corrections.
  4. Similarly if someone wants to learn English, user A can verify their messages.
  5. Everyone is happy.


This is a part of the series of YouTube videos demonstrating how to build a real startup using Python and Javascript. Useful resources for this project:

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Landing page for Edit Dojo

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