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[Fundraising] Support for RSS services

yang991178 opened this issue · comments

Support for the following services are being considered. There is a fundraising on GitHub Sponsors to help cover up the costs for hosting and testing additional services.

  • Fever API #2
  • Inoreader #10
  • Feedly #4
  • Feedbin
  • Nextcloud News
  • Google Reader API

Please feel free to suggest additional services in follow-ups.



What's with Nextcloud News, it has a simple Rest API.

Fluent Reader will may promoted at their Readme.

What about ttrss ? https://tt-rss.org/

What about ttrss ? https://tt-rss.org/

Version 0.7.0 supports Tiny Tiny RSS (with Fever emulation plugin) out of the box through Fever API.

For the record, Inoreader is using the Google Reader API, so implementing it would also enable FeedHQ, The Old Reader, etc.
FreshRSS (which is already compatible thanks to the Fever API) also supports the Google Reader API, which is more powerful and efficient.


Feedly is already on the list and a issue is opened too: #4

What do you think of WebDav support. Would that be possible? I think this is an easy and inexpensive solution for a beginner.

If you can support Inoreader, it would be awsome.


Although it's already working via Fever API it would be nice to have direct support to BazQux Reader. It has the same Google Reader API as InoReader and The Old Reader so you could support them all with the same code.


https://theoldreader.com please add this

FYI, The Old Reader is also a service using the Google Reader API

Hope to support Inoreader!


NextCloud News sync would be great :)


请问有考虑原生支持 Tiny Tiny RSS 吗? Fever 模拟的方式有缺陷,不能识别 star label 等操作



v20.10-0c39a85a3 TT-RSS 无法更新,报错
Fever api 的版本就是 v2.3

Hope support Inoreader and could configure the inoreader server


Nextcloud News




+1 for Feedly.


Currently I use freshrss via fluent reader and all are OK (Google api)
But no automatic feeds import :(

Feedly please! 阿里嘎多!哈哈哈




Fluent reader already compatible with FreshRSS

Could you please consider adding support for NewsBlur.


Would be very nice to see Nextcloud News as service here.

I would love to see Miniflux support

I would love to see Miniflux support

Miniflux is supported with Fever API. #2

nextcloud would be great

Another vote for Nextcloud News


Nextcloud News please. :-)

OneDrive please

I build freshrss with nas,and visit nas with zerotier,I want to access rss from my freshrss,but the fluent always warning me “Error connecting to service”,what's wrong with my settings?

对于 OPML 文件,能否添加 WebDAV 的支持。通过 WebDAV 同步 OPML 文件。谢谢!


fresh rss可以支持一下吗。fresh有提供api

Feedbro is a web browser extension. It finds RSS feeds from any site, even for social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Discord, ...). I still have not found any other RSS agregator that finds RSS feeds URLs by its own, and can read feeds from as much social media. Moreover, that is an all-free service. It is also compatible for feeds that require identification.
The only reason I don't use Feedbro is because it cannot be used on phone (Android or iOS). If Fluent Reader can sync with this one, so that would become the best option for following RSS feeds in my opinion.

建议支持 Github,利用 repo 同步

I would love to see Miniflux support

Miniflux is supported with Fever API. #2

Miniflux has its own API, and Fever is outdated.

Feedly Please!


Miniflux Please! It has its own API.


FreshRSS的话 可以用Google Reader API,具体就是在端点框填写:{freshrss的域名}/fever.php。例如https://demo.freshrss.org/i/fever.php ,然后填写用户名与密码就好了。


Wallabag. It's an open source Pocket alternative that has it's own RSS feed.
more about them here.


  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox


Nextcloud News support would be extremely cool.

Please Nextcloud News support would be so helpful for my home server.




I know of commafeed which is an open source RSS/Atom service but it is slow to use and there maybe a better alternative

I made a suggestion on adding a local file system sync. Not a service but to add in the desktop and mobile app to allow it to sync with a OPML file stored on your system and using other software such as Syncthing alongside with Fluent Reader to sync your feed across different devices.


From doing more research, I would be in favor of integration tiny tiny rss and/or freshrss.

From doing more research, I would be in favor of integration tiny tiny rss and/or freshrss.

FreshRSS is already supported through either the Google Reader API or the Fever API


Endpoint support custom port


It is recommended that the Android version can support the import of local RSS links and the import of any website without RSS links. thank you.

Any chance support could be added for Twitter XML feeds?

No, it's impossible. If your reader can support adding local RSS and loading article images, it may still be possible. thank you.

Not sure what you mean by "image articles", but FeedBro supports it, loading plaintext and images. They must be using a custom workaround, maybe something like this. Currently, attempts to add a Twitter feed to FluentReader gives an XML parse error (possibly related: #429)

Would it be possilbe to get full integration with tiny tiny rss, i know you can use the fever API but it's a pain in the preverbial that I can't add/delete feeds etc to and from my tt-rss server from within fluent.


Any possiblity to share between local drive sync, like onedrive, webdav, dropbox? That would work better than net sync


miniflux and nextcloud news have been added in the last release:

FreeRSS please

iCloud would be nice