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A reference repository of Terraform with canonical and as-simple-as-possible demonstrations of Terraform functionality and features.

See here for docs.


At Container Solutions we find we regularly need chunks of Terraform to demonstrate something specific, such as:

  • A simple EC2 instance

  • A bespoke VPC

  • A Windows EC2 instance with an EBS volume

This might be to do a basic test of something, find an example to tinker with, or send to someone to get them going.


To help get started with these examples, there are scripts available in bin and in local folders.

Here's an example run:

$ git clone https://github.com/ContainerSolutions/terraform-examples
$ cd terraform-examples
$ cd aws/aws_vpc
$ ./run.sh

If you want to skip the manual key/id inputs, then export them.

See bin/README.md for more information.

Where is...?

If you want to look for a specific example, try the index.


The code is generally divided up by provider, then resource, then whatever the example illustrates, eg local/null_resource/for_each, or aws/aws_instance/remote-exec/inline.

Other basic language features may be illustrated in their own folders, eg outputs/local_file/module.


The examples seek to be:

  • As simple as possible to illustrate the functionality

  • Self-contained (ie limited to one .tf file)

  • Clear (eg resource names are verbose and unambiguous)


  • Where it makes sense, items that can be changed are prefaced with changeme_

  • In general, underscores are used in Terraform names over dashes

  • Naming Terraform resources:

    • use only lower case letters, numbers, and underscore
    • names should be unique between all examples
    • prefixed with: changeme_<example_name>_
  • name = attribute within the resource:

    • use only lower case letters, numbers, and dash
    • same as resource name, but with: s/_/-/g

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