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Zero modules for the AWS EKS Stack

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Terraform modules for Zero's AWS EKS Stack

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Included from https://github.com/commitdev/zero-aws-eks-stack


Full contribution guidelines are covered here.

Doc generation

Code formatting and documentation for variables and outputs is generated using pre-commit-terraform hooks which uses terraform-docs.

Follow these instructions to install pre-commit locally.

And install terraform-docs with go get github.com/segmentio/terraform-docs or brew install terraform-docs.


Please install (via brew or whatever means) git-chglog.

To update the changelog, run make changelog To release a new version, check out the main branch and run make release. The new version should be automatically detected by Terraform Registry.

By default these commands will tag or create changelogs for a new 'patch' version. To increment 'minor' or 'major' versions prefix the make command with SCOPE=minor.


Zero modules for the AWS EKS Stack

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