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Terraform module which creates Session Manager resources on AWS.

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Terraform module which creates Session Manager resources on AWS.


Provision SSM Documents, EC2 Instances and Instance Profiles for Session Manager.

This module provides recommended settings:

  • No open inbound ports
  • Loggable session activity



module "session_manager" {
  source        = "git::https://github.com/tmknom/terraform-aws-session-manager.git?ref=tags/2.0.0"
  name          = "example"
  instance_type = "t2.micro"
  subnet_id     = var.subnet_id
  vpc_id        = var.vpc_id


module "session_manager" {
  source        = "git::https://github.com/tmknom/terraform-aws-session-manager.git?ref=tags/2.0.0"
  name          = "example"
  instance_type = "t2.micro"
  subnet_id     = var.subnet_id
  vpc_id        = var.vpc_id

  ssm_document_name             = "SSM-SessionManagerRunShell-for-example"
  s3_bucket_name                = var.s3_bucket_name
  s3_key_prefix                 = "prefix"
  s3_encryption_enabled         = false
  cloudwatch_log_group_name     = var.cloudwatch_log_group_name
  cloudwatch_encryption_enabled = false
  ami                           = var.ami
  vpc_security_group_ids        = var.vpc_security_group_ids
  iam_policy                    = var.iam_policy
  iam_path                      = "/service-role/"
  description                   = "This is example"

  tags = {
    Environment = "prod"



Name Version
terraform >= 0.12


Name Version
aws n/a


Name Description Type Default Required
instance_type The type of instance to start. string n/a yes
name The name of the Session Manager. string n/a yes
subnet_id The VPC Subnet ID to launch in. string n/a yes
vpc_id The VPC ID. string n/a yes
ami The AMI to use for the instance. string "" no
cloudwatch_encryption_enabled Specify true to indicate that encryption for CloudWatch Logs enabled. bool true no
cloudwatch_log_group_name The name of the log group. string "" no
description The description of the all resources. string "Managed by Terraform" no
iam_path Path in which to create the IAM Role and the IAM Policy. string "/" no
iam_policy The policy document. This is a JSON formatted string. string "" no
s3_bucket_name The name of the bucket. string "" no
s3_encryption_enabled Specify true to indicate that encryption for S3 Bucket enabled. bool true no
s3_key_prefix The prefix for the specified S3 bucket. string "" no
ssm_document_name The name of the document. string "SSM-SessionManagerRunShell" no
tags A mapping of tags to assign to all resources. map(string) {} no
user_data The user data to provide when launching the instance. string "" no
vpc_security_group_ids A list of security group IDs to associate with. list(string) [] no


Name Description
iam_instance_profile_arn The ARN assigned by AWS to the instance profile.
iam_instance_profile_create_date The creation timestamp of the instance profile.
iam_instance_profile_id The instance profile's ID.
iam_instance_profile_name The instance profile's name.
iam_instance_profile_path The path of the instance profile in IAM.
iam_instance_profile_role The role assigned to the instance profile.
iam_instance_profile_unique_id The unique ID assigned by AWS.
iam_policy_arn The ARN assigned by AWS to this IAM Policy.
iam_policy_description The description of the IAM Policy.
iam_policy_document The policy document of the IAM Policy.
iam_policy_id The IAM Policy's ID.
iam_policy_name The name of the IAM Policy.
iam_policy_path The path of the IAM Policy.
iam_role_arn The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) specifying the IAM Role.
iam_role_create_date The creation date of the IAM Role.
iam_role_description The description of the IAM Role.
iam_role_name The name of the IAM Role.
iam_role_unique_id The stable and unique string identifying the IAM Role.
instance_arn The ARN of the instance.
instance_availability_zone The availability zone of the instance.
instance_id The instance ID.
instance_key_name The key name of the instance.
instance_placement_group The placement group of the instance.
instance_primary_network_interface_id The ID of the instance's primary network interface.
instance_private_dns The private DNS name assigned to the instance.
instance_private_ip The private IP address assigned to the instance.
instance_security_groups The associated security groups.
instance_subnet_id The VPC subnet ID.
security_group_arn The ARN of the security group.
security_group_description The description of the security group.
security_group_egress The egress rules of the security group.
security_group_id The ID of the security group.
security_group_ingress The ingress rules of the security group.
security_group_name The name of the security group.
security_group_owner_id The owner ID of the security group.
security_group_vpc_id The VPC ID of the security group.
ssm_document_default_version The default version of the document.
ssm_document_description The description of the document.
ssm_document_hash The sha1 or sha256 of the document content.
ssm_document_hash_type The hashing algorithm used when hashing the content.
ssm_document_latest_version The latest version of the document.
ssm_document_owner The AWS user account of the person who created the document.
ssm_document_parameter The parameters that are available to this document.
ssm_document_platform_types A list of OS platforms compatible with this SSM document.
ssm_document_schema_version The schema version of the document.
ssm_document_status The current status of the document.


Development Requirements

Configure environment variables

export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=ap-northeast-1


git clone git@github.com:tmknom/terraform-aws-session-manager.git
cd terraform-aws-session-manager
make install

Makefile targets

apply-complete                 Run terraform apply examples/complete
apply-minimal                  Run terraform apply examples/minimal
check-format                   Check format code
clean                          Clean .terraform
destroy-complete               Run terraform destroy examples/complete
destroy-minimal                Run terraform destroy examples/minimal
diff                           Word diff
docs                           Generate docs
format                         Format code
help                           Show help
install                        Install requirements
lint                           Lint code
plan-complete                  Run terraform plan examples/complete
plan-minimal                   Run terraform plan examples/minimal
release                        Release GitHub and Terraform Module Registry
start-session                  Start session to example
upgrade                        Upgrade makefile

Releasing new versions

Bump VERSION file, and run make release.

Terraform Module Registry


Apache 2 Licensed. See LICENSE for full details.


Terraform module which creates Session Manager resources on AWS.

License:Apache License 2.0


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