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Contrib repository for the OpenTelemetry Collector

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OpenTelemetry Collector Contrib

This is a repository for OpenTelemetry Collector contributions that are not part of the core distribution of the Collector. Typically, these contributions are vendor specific receivers/exporters and/or components that are only useful to a relatively small number of users.

Please note that this repository and its releases are a superset of the core repository.



Triagers (@open-telemetry/collector-contrib-triagers)

Approvers (@open-telemetry/collector-contrib-approvers):

Maintainers (@open-telemetry/collector-contrib-maintainer):

Learn more about roles in the community repository.

PRs and Reviews

When creating a PR please following the process described here.

News PRs will be automatically associated with the reviewers based on CODEOWNERS. PRs will be also automatically assigned to one of the maintainers or approvers for facilitation.

The facilitator is responsible for helping the PR author and reviewers to make progress or if progress cannot be made for closing the PR.

If the reviewers do not have approval rights the facilitator is also responsible for the official approval that is required for the PR to be merged and if the facilitator is a maintainer they are responsible for merging the PR as well.

The facilitator is not required to perform a thorough review, but they are encouraged to enforce Collector best practices and consistency across the codebase and component behavior. The facilitators will typically rely on codeowner's detailed review of the code when making the final approval decision.

We recommend maintainers and approvers to keep an eye on the project board. All newly created PRs are automatically added to this board. (If you don't see the PR on the board you may need to add it manually by setting the Project field in the PR view).

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Contrib repository for the OpenTelemetry Collector

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