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Jenkins Everything as a Code

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Make Jenkins Everything as a Code


  • Setup Jenkins instance on Kubertenes cluster;
  • Apply basic Instance configuration, jobs, pipelines and enhancement;
  • Isolate the human-readable configuration files and installation process/scripts;
  • Customize instance configuration, job, pipeline, plugins(to Everything ideally) as Code based on Templates;
  • Manage the Codes on github;
  • Automate the processes and apply them via Continuous Delivery tool/s (e.g Tekton pipeline, etc);
  • (TBC)

Test Environment

  • Kubernetes cluster hosted on 1-node;
  • Tekton pipeline installed;
  • (TBC)

Work out

  • Easily setup Jenkins instance with initial configurations and enhancement; Deployed Instance
  • Automate the deployment and apply it via Tekton pipeline;
  • Clicking ONE-Button to customize your instance; ONE-Button to customize instance
  • Clicking ONE-Button can rebuild your Jenkins environment with configurations; ONE-Button to deploy


Jenkins Everything as a Code


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