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An example repo structure for GitOps with Kustomize

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GitOps (using Kustomize)

An example repo structure for GitOps with:

Directory structure

├── base                # base kustomizations             
│   ├── cluster      # logical grouping of resources
├── dev                 # Directory per env which pulls from base and extends/overrides helmreleases

Resources are organised per environment in the kustomize directory.


A list of pre-requisites can be found here.


  1. To configure this to work with your repository first read the steps here.

  2. Create a cluster using make cluster

  3. Install Flux and the Helm Operator using make install-flux

  4. After following the prompts, flux will establish a connection to your repository and start reconciling.

Continuous Integration

A deep-dive into running checks locally and the CircleCI configuration, read here.

Kustomize directory structure

A deep-dive into the kustomize setup can be found here.

Automatic image upgrades

An example of automated image upgrades with HelmReleases resources can be found here.


An example repo structure for GitOps with Kustomize


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