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Before you start

  1. You need to have admin access to AWS account with required services:
  • EKS
  • IAM
  • EC2
  • VPC
  • S3
  1. You need to have terraform v0.12.24+

  2. AWS CLI version: aws-cli/1.18.39+

Create s3 bucket for terraform state

Change your bucket_name if it exists in terraform apply command

Create buket:

cd aws_s3_bucket
terraform init
terraform apply -var 'bucket_name=terraform-aws-configuration' --auto-approve

Create AWS Infrastructure and EKS

Change your bucket_name to value as provided in Create s3 bucket step

  1. Init terraform on first run:
cd terraform
terraform init -backend-config='bucket=terraform-aws-configuration' -backend-config=region='eu-west-1'
  1. Set your public IP in variable during next command run like "":
terraform apply --auto-approve

Deploy Nginx

  1. Login to EKS
aws eks --region eu-west-1 update-kubeconfig --name eks_cluster
  1. Deploy Nginx
cd nginx
terraform init
terraform apply --auto-approve

Go to nginx webpage

  1. You need to get address of your load balancer lb_hostname:
cd nginx
terraform output
  1. Open your browser and type:

http://{{ lb_hostname }}



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