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A tutorial for developers that want to learn about how to build modern applications on top of AWS. You will build a sample website that leverages infrastructure as code, containers, serverless code functions, CI/CD, and more.

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NOTE: After reading the description below, choose the programming language of your choice and follow that link to full instructions to complete this tutorial. You will clone a specific branch of this repository for complete instructions, not this master branch where only a description of the workshop exists.

Build a Modern Application on AWS


Mythical Mysfits is a (fictional) pet adoption non-profit dedicated to helping abandoned, and often misunderstood, mythical creatures find a new forever family! Mythical Mysfits believes that all creatures deserve a second chance, even if they spent their first chance hiding under bridges and unapologetically robbing helpless travelers.

Our business has been thriving with only a single mysfit adoption center, located inside Devils Tower National Monument. Speak, friend, and enter should you ever come to visit.

We've just had a surge of new mysfits arrive at our door with nowhere else to go! They're all pretty distraught after not only being driven from their homes... but an immensely grumpy ogre has also denied them all entry at a swamp they've used for refuge in the past.

That's why we've hired you to be our first Full Stack Engineer. We need a more scalable way to show off our inventory of mysfits and let families adopt them. We'd like you to build the first Mythical Mysfits adoption website to help introduce these lovable, magical, often mischievous creatures to the world!

AWS Experience: Beginner

Time to Complete: 6-7 hours

Cost to Complete: Many of the services used are included in the AWS Free Tier. For those that are not, the sample application will cost, in total, less than $1/day.

Tutorial Prereqs:

  • An AWS Account and Administrator-level access to it

Please be sure to terminate all of the resources created during this workshop to ensure that you are no longer charged.

Note: Estimated workshop costs assume little to no traffic will be served by your demo website created as part of this workshop.


Modern applications are resilient, scalable collections of independent services that abstract away the underlying infrastructure. Modern application development leverages agile development practices, immutable deployments, and programmable infrastructure to continuously release new features to the business and end users.

AWS provides all the services and features required for a developer to create a modern application, and the tools to build it using modern development methodologies. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a sample web application that leverages concepts and approaches such as containers, infrastructure as code, CI/CD, and serverless code functions. You will build, from the ground up, a sample website called Mythical Mysfits that enables visitors to adopt a fantasy creature as a pet. You can see a working sample of this website available at: www.mythicalmysfits.com

The site will present mysfits available for adoption with some different characteristics about each. Users will be able to vote on which mysfits are their favorites, and then choose to adopt the mysfit they'd like to reserve for adoption. The Mythical Mysfits website you create will also allow you to gather insights about user behavior for future analyses.

This sample application will use many different AWS services and features that modern applications leverage on AWS. But, learning about what those individual services and their features are is not the primary objective of this workshop. Instead, this workshop is meant to give you an experience of how developers are able to build modern applications by interacting with those features and services through the development tools that AWS provides.

To learn more about how to build your own Well Architected and modern application on AWS, please visit here for additional content about following AWS best practices in your own architecture.

Choose Your Language

This workshop is offered in different programming languages so that you can choose the workshop experience most relevant to you! Please follow one of the below links to begin the workshop in the language of your choosing:

AWS Developer Center

For more details on tools and services for developers provided by AWS, please visit our Developer Center.
For information on best practices for modern application development, please visit here.


A tutorial for developers that want to learn about how to build modern applications on top of AWS. You will build a sample website that leverages infrastructure as code, containers, serverless code functions, CI/CD, and more.

License:Apache License 2.0