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Helm Charts for the Astronomer Platform, Apache Airflow as a Service on Kubernetes

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Astronomer Platform Helm Charts

This repository contains the helm charts for deploying the Astronomer Platform into a Kubernetes cluster.

Astronomer is a commercial "Airflow as a Service" platform that runs on Kubernetes. Source code is made available for the benefit of our customers, if you'd like to use the platform reach out for a license or try out Astronomer Cloud.


Astronomer Architecture

Docker images

Docker images for deploying and running Astronomer are currently available on DockerHub.


The Astronomer Platform documentation is located at https://www.astronomer.io/docs/


We welcome any contributions:

  • Report all enhancements, bugs, and tasks as GitHub issues
  • Provide fixes or enhancements by opening pull requests in Github

Local Development

Install the following tools:

  • docker (make sure your user has permissions - try 'docker ps')
  • kubectl
  • kind
  • mkcert (make sure mkcert in PATH)
  • helm

Run this script from the root of this repository:


For MacOS, if kind version >=0.8.1, use the following command

KIND_EXPERIMENTAL_DOCKER_NETWORK=bridge ./bin/reset-local-dev

Each time you run the script, the platform will be fully reset to the current helm chart.

Customizing the local deployment

Turn on or off parts of the platform

Modify the "tags:" in configs/local-dev.yaml

  • platform: core Astronomer components
  • logging (large impact on RAM use): ElasticSearch, Kibana, Fluentd (aka 'EFK' stack)
  • monitoring: Prometheus
  • kubed: leave on

Add a Docker image into KinD's nodes (so it's available for pods):

kind load docker-image $your_local_image_name_with_tag

Make use of that image:

Make note of your pod name

kubectl get pods -n astronomer

Find the corresponding deployment, daemonset, or statefulset

kubectl get deployment -n astronomer

Replace the pod with the new image Look for "image" on the appropriate container and replace with the local tag, and set the pull policy to "Never".

kubectl edit deployment -n astronomer <your deployment>

Change Kubernetes version:

bin/reset-local-dev -K 1.16.3

Locally test HA configurations:

You need a powerful computer to run the HA testing locally. 28 GB or more of memory should be available to Docker.

Environment variables:

  • USE_HA: when set, will deploy using HA configurations
  • CORDON_NODE: when set, will cordon this node after kind create cluster
  • MULTI_NODE: when set, will deploy kind with two worker nodes


  • Use bin/run-ci to start the cluster
  • Modify / use bin/drain.sh to test draining


export USE_HA=1
export CORDON_NODE=kind-worker
export MULTI_NODE=1

After the platform is up, then do



Usage of Astronomer code requires an Astronomer Platform Enterprise Edition license.


Helm Charts for the Astronomer Platform, Apache Airflow as a Service on Kubernetes


License:Apache License 2.0


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