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Manage RDS instances, parameter groups, option groups etc.


Role Variables

  • rds_subnet_group (dict) - subnet group used by DB. Contains:

    • name (string) - subnet group name
    • description (string) - subnet group description
  • rds_option_group (dict) - option group used by DB. Contains:

    • name (string) - option group name
    • engine_name (string) - DB engine used
    • major_engine_version (string) - version of engine
    • description - description of option group
    • apply_immediately (boolean) - whether to apply changes to the option group immediately
  • rds_parameter_group (dict) - parameter group used by DB. Contains:

    • name (string) - parameter group name
    • description - description of parameter group
    • params (list) - list of parameters for the group
    • apply_immediately (boolean) - whether to apply changes to the parameter group immediately
  • rds_db_instances (list) - list of database instances to manage Each DB instance contains:

    • db_instance_identifier (string) - name of the DB instance
    • engine (string) - engine used by the DB
    • engine_version (string) - version of DB engine
    • db_instance_class (string) - instance type of the DB
    • master_user_name (string) - DB username
    • master_user_password (string) - DB password
    • allocated_storage (int) - number of GBs to allocate for storage
    • storage_type (string) - type of storage to use
    • multi_az (boolean) - whether to make the DB highly available across AZs
    • wait (boolean) - whether to wait until the DB is available before continuining
    • wait_timeout (int) - number of seconds to wait
    • tags (dict) - dict of tag keys and values
    • license_model (string) - license model to use (defaults to AWS default)
  • rds_force_password_update (boolean) - whether to force the update of the DB password. This defaults to False, and is typically passed on the command line when you know you need to change a password.


Example Playbook


XVT internal use

Author Information


  • v1.0 - massive rewrite and documentation of variables. All consuming playbooks will need to be rewritten to take the changes into account