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A utility just do two things:

  • converts TOML file into JSON
  • or vice versa.

How to Install

Build with PKGBUILD (Arch Linux)

Make a new temporary folder and download PKGBUILD into there, and run makepkg -si in your terminal.

# Make a new temporary folder. For example:
cd $(mktemp -d)

# Download PKGBUILD
curl --get https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xnuk/toml-bin/master/PKGBUILD > PKGBUILD

# Build & Install
makepkg -si

To uninstall it, do:

pacman -Rsc toml-bin-git

Build from source

After installing Rust and do this in your terminal:

git clone https://github.com/xnuk/toml-bin
cd toml-bin
cargo build --release

# Usage:
cat /path/to/file.toml | ./target/release/toml

# Feel free to move this anywhere:
cp ./target/release/toml ~/.local/bin/


License:Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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