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Web frontend for FFXIV Crafting Optimizer service.

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FFXIV Crafting Optimizer Website

This project contains the source for the FFXIV Crafting Optimizer Website. It uses AngularJS, AngularUI Bootstrap, and Bootstrap.

Running the app during development

You can pick one of these options:

  • serve the app subdirectory in this repository with your webserver
  • install node.js and run:
    • npm install
    • npm start
  • install browser-sync and run:
    • browser-sync start --port 8001 --server app --files app
  • install Docker and run:
    • docker build -f Dockerfile.dev -t ffxiv-craft-opt-web-dev .
    • docker run --rm -it -p 8001:8001 ffxiv-craft-opt-web-dev

The node.js, browser-sync and Docker methods options will serve the website on port 8001. Browser-sync should automatically launch your default browser and load the app.

Note that if you're using Docker on Windows or OS X via VirtualBox, you'll have to use the IP address of the Linux VM (usually that is hosting Docker, instead of localhost. The Dockerfile.dev method will mount the app source as a volume so changes will be reflected when the browser is refreshed.


Localization files can be found in app/locale. The app/locale/en.json file is purposefully missing because the English strings are used as the translation keys. Strings which require interpolation are defined in app.js so that they can be displayed immediately as a fallback until the actual locale json file finishes loading.


Web frontend for FFXIV Crafting Optimizer service.

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