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Example app with chakra-ui and Typescript

This example features how to use chakra-ui as the component library within a Next.js app with typescript.

Next.js and chakra-ui have built-in TypeScript declarations, so we'll get autocompletion for their modules straight away.

We are connecting the Next.js _app.js with chakra-ui's Provider and theme so the pages can have app-wide dark/light mode. We are also creating some components which shows the usage of chakra-ui's style props.

Deploy your own

Deploy the example using Vercel:

Deploy with Vercel

How to use

Using create-next-app

Execute create-next-app with npm or Yarn to bootstrap the example:

npx create-next-app --example with-chakra-ui-typescript with-chakra-ui-typescript-app
# or
yarn create next-app --example with-chakra-ui-typescript with-chakra-ui-typescript-app

Deploy it to the cloud with Vercel (Documentation).


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