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Nuclei: development platform for PlatformIO

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Nuclei: development platform for PlatformIO

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Nuclei System Technology is a professional RISC-V IP product company. It provides various RISC-V IP products which can meet the requirements of the AIoT era. It is the first RISC-V Core IP provider company in Mainland China, launchs the world's first mass production general-purpose MCU based on RISC-V together with GigaDevice, see https://www.gigadevice.com/products/microcontrollers/gd32/risc-v/, and is also the RISC-V eco-system leader in Mainland China.

  • Home (home page in PlatformIO Platform Registry)
  • Documentation (advanced usage, packages, boards, frameworks, etc.)


  1. Install PlatformIO
  2. Create PlatformIO project and configure a platform option in platformio.ini file:

Stable version

platform = nuclei
board = ...

Development version

platform = https://github.com/Nuclei-Software/platform-nuclei.git
board = ...


Please navigate to documentation.


Nuclei: development platform for PlatformIO


License:Apache License 2.0


Language:Python 100.0%