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A community where geniuses meet


Yep: Project Introductory Guide

Please build with the latest CocoaPods v0.39.0 and Xcode 7.2.


Yep is a nifty and lightweight social networking app, revolving around the theme of "Meeting Genius", enabling users to find experts or other learners of a particular domain.

The project's architecture is easy to understand, following the common software pattern MVC, separating UI, business logic and data model. Now, let's dive into the Yep project!


Realm helps us a lot with data persistence. You can checkout the Realm/Models.swift file to learn how we add, modify, update or delete data in Realm database.

UI(View & ViewController)

We use Storyboard to join different view controllers together. You can take a glance at the Main.storyboard file. Thanks to the Storyboard References feature, we break up storyboards into a set of smaller storyboards. Easy to maintain and handle .storyboard files under source control, right?

At the same time, you should notice that some views are @IBDesignable. You can use Interface Builder, drag the view out and observe changes.


Without integrating WeChat or Weibo SDK, Yep uses MonkeyKing with the native UIActivityViewController. See Activities/WeChatActivity.swift.


You can find all Services under Services directory. Our services are divided into following parts:

  1. User-related operation service (YepService.swift): Sign-in, phone verification
  2. User operation service (YepServiceSync.swift): Skills, messages
  3. Network requests service (YepNetworking.swift): Network requests, JSON parsing/serialization
  4. Data download service (YepDownloader.swift): Audio, video downloading
  5. Feeds (FayeService.swift)
  6. Cloud storage service (YepStorageService.swift)
  7. Audio and video service (YepAudioService.swift): Based on AVFoundation and AudioToolbox
  8. Location service (YepLocationService.swift)
  9. Social info service (SocialWorkService.swift): Get user's GitHub, Dribbble and Instagram info
  10. Open Graph Service (OpenGraphService.swift): Get iBooks, App and Apple Music info


In order to improve FPS rate, we do image caching (Caches folder).

Wants to learn more? View this slide.


If you like to join us developing Yep, fork this repo and use git flow on develop branch to create a new branch for your developing. When you finish, send a pull request.

Please ensure each commit is minimized for code review.

Please stop using simulator's waterfall image as your avatar.

You can track our progress at Trello.





Meet Genius


License:MIT License


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