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Programming language for design of distributed systems (27-5-2020).

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Programming language for all ages.


No difference between code and data.

Do not repeat yourself.

Separation of concerns.


Order of execution.

I dream to be the developer of the best programming language.


"comment" some stuff "single-line comment" some "mid-line comment" stuff some "multi-line comment" stuff

variable = value var = 0 use: var var = (v) -> v use: var(0) var = (v) -> vvv use: var(0) ['var'] = (v) -> ['v']['v']['v'] use: var(0) | 'var' var = { 'value' = 0 } use: var.value var = (v) -> { 'value' = vvv } use: var(0).value

$ = scope {} = encapsulate [] = decapsulate

describe input and output module loading by putting in brackets (loading) recursive loading avoid code == data?

so there is no difference between a getter function and a code clearly this already exists, just not the concept

check this: "abc"+43 here, clearly we are not appending 43 directly to the string (not ASCII 43) but rather we are appending the stringized form of 43, which is "43"

so what say, the capabilities are already there, just not the concept. now, interactions with data are like in a specified way, its not a any randome way.

so the question stays, how we unrandomize function names, ... or so properties. "abc"+43 a.set("abc") b.set(43) c.set(b.tostring()) a.append(c) tostring() + append() describe the input: integer desired output: string (implicit) describe the input: 2 strings desired output: concatenated string

special math operators: sigma.. what about matlab way about specifying matrices description / metadata syntax to describe data / input what about regular expressions, isnt it a language a replacement for all string search programs...

hash code method is not the solution.. a play with words, a way of arrangement?


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Programming language for design of distributed systems (27-5-2020).

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