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Goal of this project was to implement Community detection algorithm (using Louvain method) based on a paper: Community Detection on the GPU.

For the program output, check these logs or sheets.



  • -f specifies input file
  • -g gain threshold
  • -v represents verbose mode
./gpulouvain -f mtx-matrix-file -g min-gain [-v]


Obviously, first step of the algorithm is to read data from input file. I assume that given graph is undirected.

Actual algorithm is split into 2 parts:

  • modularity optimisation: in this step we find currently optimal community (group of vertices)
  • community aggregation: in this we merge vertices within a single community into one new vertex (keeping edges between communities)

These 2 steps are repeated as long as modularity gain is bigger than a threshold (provided by user). In the end final modularity is printed. In verbose mode original vertex -> final community assignment is additionally printed.


During both phases vertices are divided into buckets based on degrees. This way, we dedicate more resources on a vertex with greater degree. Buckets containing vertices with smaller degrees use only shared memory, this way we utilise slow global memory only when it is necessary.

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