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Enable tests in workflows

joaodasilva opened this issue · comments

6a09576 enabled running the tests in workflows but they fail to start on all VMs.

The Windows builder hangs on test startup:

The macOS builder crashes in glfwInit:

The Linux builder asserts on glfwInit failing:

Also tried using Xvfb on the Linux builder but got the same result.

Apparently GitHub actions don't support applications that open native windows. This needs further investigation, and possibly an alternative to run tests in PRs.

The Linux build is running the tests now, using xvfb-run.

The Windows runners on GitHub Actions don't have a GL driver; glfwCreateWindow fails with "WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL".

This will require integrating ANGLE to use Direct3D.

The macOS runners crash inside GLFW, in cocoa_monitor.m getFallbackRefreshRate, while calling IOServiceGetMatchingServices for IOFramebuffer; very unclear why this happens. Bypassing that then fails later:

glfwCreateWindow failed (65545): NSGL: Failed to find a suitable pixel format

Try this again later with ANGLE too, and try to use the Metal backend.

Windows is fixed after the migration to ANGLE.

Running on macOS is still failing for the same reason.

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